Fully Integrated Real Estate Investment Firm in New York

A fully integrated real estate investment firm, Castellan Real Estate Partners focuses primarily on major American metropolises, including New York City. Since the firm was founded in 2009, it has completed $750 million in transactions. The firm’s initial strategy focused on taking advantage of the downturn in the market caused by the 2008 economic crisis, but the Castellan team now sees the increasing urbanization of the United States as a driving investment principle.

Castellan has dedicated lines for property management, development, investment, and financing. Property management is an important part of the firm’s strategy for adding value to its portfolio. Tenant satisfaction leads to low turnover rates and on-time rent payments. The firm responds quickly to tenant requests and invests heavily in capital improvements to buildings, such as modern intercom systems, cutting-edge security features, and energy-efficient upgrades.

In addition, the firm is dedicated to improving the sustainability of its portfolio. Castellan partnered with the Harlem Community Development Corporation (HCDC) to install rooftop solar panels on properties located in the neighborhood.