Castellan Real Estate Partners’ Focus on Energy Efficiency

From its headquarters in New York City, New York, Castellan Real Estate Partners oversees an extensive property portfolio and has invested in approximately $750 million of debt and equity real estate transactions since its founding in 2009. Castellan Real Estate Partners operates multiple internal platforms covering equity investments, lending, and property construction, development, and management. Employing a team of 20 construction and investment professionals, bolstered by support from an additional 60 team members, the firm leverages this extensive experience and expertise to maintain its disciplined approach to property investment and oversight.

Further, the firm has committed to installing energy efficient measures across its portfolio and has worked with organizations including the Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation, and the Community Environmental Center in Brooklyn to make improvements to its properties. In doing so, it meets its dual aim of achieving improving property performance, while ensuring tenants receive high standards of service in relation to property management and maintenance.